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Priorities to address our needs

  • Transparency, accountability, and accessibility in city government
  • Community engagement in planning and decision making
  • A sustainable growth strategy; to increase our commercial tax base, fund capital improvements & establish enterprise programs
  • Essential infrastructure upgrades; for streets, sidewalks, and pathways
  • Preventative maintenance to assure healthy schools & city buildings; operational universal design playgrounds, and usable parks & fields
  • Comprehensive zoning that encourages economic development; while embracing the history and personality of our community
  • Build collaborative partnerships among residents, business owners & developers; to craft an attainable vision while meeting our needs
  • Dynamic squares; destinations filled with employment, service & entertainment opportunities to improve our quality of life
  • A rightsized vision for Mystic Ave and our business districts
  • Master planning that prioritizes human scale development
  • A variety of housing choices for all ages, stages and lifestyles
  • Transportation options; to establish requirements & goals, encourage diversity of travel, address congestion, and reduce pollution
  • Ordinances that foster community, protect our shade trees, pollinators, native wildlife & preserve our local ecosystem