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My fellow residents,

After careful consideration, and with great excitement, I am announcing my candidacy for a seat on the Medford City Council.

Having lived here my entire life, I have a good understanding of who we are as a city, our strengths, our weaknesses and our potential.

As a graduate of Bentley College, with more than 20 years experience in construction & development, I have a unique perspective of ongoing and current issues facing the city.


I am greatly concerned about:

• zoning that safeguards our neighborhoods and increases our commercial tax base

• shaping our business districts into destinations

• how to address the city’s unpopular parking meters

• preventative maintenance for police, fire and school buildings to assure safety and comfort

• repairing our streets and sidewalks, infrastructure upgrades, and neighborhood walkability

• historical preservation and maintaining our cultural heritage

• improving our green spaces, especially our parks and fields

• maintaining our mature tree canopies to protect our indigenous flora and fauna

In recent years, I have stood at the city council podium supporting efforts to:

• stop the devastating Mystic Ave rezoning proposal

• repair and upgrade the existing library rather than demolish and replace it

• protect our neighborhoods from oversized development such as Locust Street

• keep the Lawrence Memorial Hospital and its emergency room open

• build a new combined headquarters for fire and police

• increase the notification requirements for property owners intending to seek a variance

As I travel throughout our city, I see vacant storefronts and empty sidewalks.... yet I hear the echo of fond memories; Brigham's, Carroll's, DePasquale's, Buttrick's, Lerner's, DeFina's, O'Brien's, Woolworth's, Craddock's, Wards, Lad & Lassies and the Medford Cafe, not to mention the police officer directing traffic at the intersection of the square.  Growing up in Medford was a gift; biking through our neighborhoods, skating at Brook's pond and the rink, sledding at Tower park; parading our decorated bikes in, along with the yearly bonfires at, our parks, idle days at Wright's Pond and the Tuft's park pool - what a place to be a kid!

Medford’s past was full of life and opportunity.  Because of this, I am forever grateful to have grown up in this city.  I love Medford.  As a result, I would like to be a member of the Medford City Council to assure that we embrace our history and maintain our character as we move forward to a better tomorrow.


It is my desire to be your voice behind the rail, your advocate in addressing community needs, and your champion for full transparency in city government.

I respectfully ask for, and would be honored to have, one of your seven votes on Election Day.


Jean M Nuzzo