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  My name is Jean Nuzzo and I’m running for Medford City Council!  You may recognize me as I am often advocating at the podium- for preventative maintenance, infrastructure upgrades, a rightsized vision for Mystic Ave and our squares… and putting residents needs first. 


  The sad fact is this; those needs have remained the same for years. 

  • Well maintained streets, with passable sidewalks. 
  •  Proper maintenance of our parks, fields, and municipal buildings. 
  •  Thriving squares with employment, service and entertainment opportunities. 
  •  A variety of housing choices to keep living here an option
  • ...and a quality education for our students. 
  I know that we can get this done - and so and I am running for city council to bring my real world experience to the table!

  With effective efficient and engaged leadership we CAN correct what is fixable, and then work to showcase our untapped potential and our history- bringing commerce and tourism to our great city. 

  With teamwork we can achieve safer streets and vibrant walkable neighborhoods, demand citywide accessibility, save our trees, protect native wildlife, address parking and transportation needs… and so much more. 

  These are just a few of the ideas we can work to accomplish, which will address more closely in the coming weeks with our Blurb from the Curb series.

  To stay up to date on our campaign- please continue to visit our website or follow our us on social media.

I invite you to join us and together we can build a better tomorrow!  I thank you for your time and I look forward to earning your vote.


Jean M Nuzzo