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A big thank you to all who attended Spotlight: The Mystic Mile & South Medford.  Below are the posters from the event.

Additional information regarding beneficial policies, procedures, and ordinances will be forthcoming.

From Above

Mystic Ave Aerial View

Orange: Rt 93 (Easy On/Off Exit)

Yellow: Mystic Ave

Gold: Main Street

Gray: Harvard St

The Undeniable Benefits

Mystic Ave and South Medford have a great deal to offer.

As they say:

Location, Location, Location

Current Conditions

Mystic Ave, although home to many small businesses, seems 

rooted in the past.

...and not in a quaint, attractive, destination way; but truly stalled out.  Stuck & underutilized.  

There are many contributing factors, to get unstuck- 

we need a renaissance!

Uses and Opportunities

In reviewing the types of uses & attributes of structures allowed by right on Mystic Ave, it quickly becomes clear that corrective action requires more than "zoning reform."  The existing conditions are well below maximums allowed.

Limitless Potential

We can achieve sustainable growth!  

Through right-sized development, by identifying all contributory opportunities, in building a deep sense of community,  creating robust business districts; and where appropriate- housing options- that will allow our residents to stay in Medford for all stages of life.

We Can Transform

...into a place that people and businesses want to be a part of, full of engaging and vibrant destinations, built around walkable neighborhoods that provide services, entertainment & employment opportunities for our residents.

We Can Elevate

....quality of life in Medford for all residents; working to assure that basic needs are being met, while making modest changes that help us move towards a better Medford.