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A big thank you to all who attended our Sip and See.  Below are some high-level ideas that were presented.

Additional information regarding the policies, procedures, and ordinances mentioned will be forthcoming.

We Can Elevate

...quality of life in Medford for all residents; working to assure that basic needs are being met, while making modest changes that help us move towards a better Medford. 

We Can Transform

...into a place that people and businesses want to be a part of, full of engaging and vibrant destinations, built around walkable neighborhoods that provide services, entertainment and employment for our residents.

We Can Preserve determining what is special and unique about Medford, and drafting programs and ordinances that encourage preservation of these locations, buildings, and characteristics.

We Can Grow

...sustainably, through right-sized development; identifying new opportunities to create community areas, business districts and a variety of housing that will allow our residents to remain in Medford throughout all stages of life.

We Can Capitalize

 ...on funding opportunities, through strategic planning to assure that Medford has plentiful and diverse sources of capital.  This will allow for timely preventative maintenance, general repairs, planned upgrades and added services for our residents and students. 

We Can Restore

...our infrastructure.  Implementing and enforcing proper standards can stop unnecessary damage to our infrastructure and roadways that has been prevalent for decades; causing our streets, sidewalks and systems to age more quickly than necessary.

We Can Learn

...and adopt a continuous improvement mindset that encourages  consistent enhancements, thus mitigating the risk of unnecessary blight and erosion of our quality of life in the future.